Sunday, February 26, 2017

Week Two: Crew Roles

I am still unsure what role I wish to take in the industry, however I believe I am leaning more directly towards post-production.
As much as I enjoy the creative process in terms of script-writing and the general concept of the show, I don’t think I am focused enough.

I don’t have the people skills required for directorial or producing work, or the artist mind for production.
I am not quite strong enough for camera and I don’t know if I can deal with the pressure of being around people when they’re worked up (of which I have been led to believe happens quite a bit on set in the real world, my experience at uni so far has been great on set, however I know that isn’t totally representative of on the job).

If I was to be camera, I think I would prefer a smaller unit such as news or current affairs kind of camera work, while still stressful, there isn’t a lot of other people with flashy lights either.

So I think editing could be where I fall into place, I am quite skilled with computers and know Adobe Premier at a decent level right now.
The only thing is I am not very good at AVID, I did an editing unit with it when I was still a games student and as I never used AVID outside of that class, I forgot how it all worked despite getting good marks at the time.
I am so used to how Sony VEGAS and Adobe Premier work, that I would honestly need another class in learning AVID again, for me it feels a bit jank in comparison.

Sunday, February 19, 2017

Week One: The Pitch

My pitch wasn’t done very well. Instead of having a solid story idea, I instead came in with a vague concept. So, it wasn’t too surprising that my peers weren’t sure to make of this, at the time this was by design as I thought in my mind that I could custom shape the vague idea to whatever they thought could be cool. But in hindsight the vague nature of the pitch would look poor in comparison to fully fleshed out ideas with character and resolution.

My inspiration was shows like the UK version of the office or the ABC show Utopia. My general idea was a kind of dry satirical comedy. I know comedy is what often are the golden winners for web series and honestly after the more grim/realistic films we have been making last few trimesters I more than welcome something light hearted.

But on retrospect, the kind of satire I would have might only have amused me and nobody would enjoy watching a web-series about some guy letting out his annoyances of the world, it could have become very preachy against the nanny state.
Although I must say that I am very pleased with the actual result, of Fan(tastic) Fiction. As fan fiction was a good strong part of my own tween/young teen years the idea did resonate with me strongly.
I think this was the right direction, the more laugh-out-loud kind of less preachy humour is something all of us can get behind, not just me.

If I did it again, I would be less vague. I would come in with a more stronger vision, so I could offer concrete answers to what the story was about instead of just being open to suggestions.