Friday, May 5, 2017

Week Thirteen: Reflection and looking forward.

I am biased in how I view everything, I am tired from overwork and still a bit salty about how things went.
However the suggestion that given time removed, looking back I might come to appreciate or enjoy the project might come true.
But I am overall proud of my efforts regarding the green-screen, the idea of taking on the whole project with green-screen stupid for the project, but fantastic as a learning experience. It hindered the films, but helped us in our development and I guess that’s the important part.

It’s over, we’re done. Well, the show-runner wants to keep working on a bit so once he puts it online for the world to see might be in the best possible position, but I need at least a short while before I am willing to go back, I need sleep.
Still, I am proud that I was able to pull it together, to salvage it, between the weak material and largely working alone I am happy with myself all things considered.
The material was out of my hands so given what I could do, I think I did a good job.

I think that’s the important thing I need to take away from all this, I will be given stuff I hate or don’t care for. I still wish to pursue post-production and not everything is going to be something I enjoy.
Chances are living in this country that most of my work will be advertisements or lifestyle shows, but that’s fine, it really doesn’t bother me, I am under no illusions of becoming a great director, I know the Australian reality. If I am working, I’ll be happy.
A stable income is more important than chasing pipe-dreams.

The good news is that I am editor again new trimester and the film I am working on, if all goes to plan, I think will be something wroth being proud of.

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