Friday, May 5, 2017

Week Eleven: Feedback

My rough-cut wasn’t viewed very well, due to receiving false information, I had cut the edit based around the understanding that the narrator dialogue had already been recorded, so my version wasn’t as tight on purpose as I hadn’t received the dialogue audio yet.
Turns out the information was wrong, the narrator dialogue wasn’t recorded at all, only the Showrunners episode had the dialogue recorded on the day, leaving the other two episodes to be done via ADR, due to this misinformation my edit was perceived as lacking.
To the point where the class freaked out and it was threatened that my episode would in fact be cut entirely, I thought this was all rather unfair as my comping work was ahead of the other episodes and at least I put a LUT on all the shots.

Anyway, the main feedback was to record my own dialogue with my microphone, edit to that for timing purposes and then the narrator would later match my speed so it can just be slotted in with the final audio mix.
Other suggestions included less time spent on rocket ships and more movement going on.

The key bit of feedback was that my backgrounds weren’t all there yet, I still had a lot of green and placeholder stuff behind it. So my main goal was to get all the backgrounds in and then later shift the backgrounds around per shot to give the illusion of movement and help fake camera angles Something otherwise impossible on the day with the limited greenscreen space.

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