Monday, April 10, 2017

Week Six: Safety

Sets can be dangerous places, so many things may need to be flagged as problematic. When filming a short film child services believed that having a goat near a teenager was a danger because of biting, so then again people these days are on the careful of everything side.

Tripping hazards is the major thing, film sets have cables, boxes, lights, boom mics, props and all sorts of stuff everywhere. It could be very easy to trip if not paying attention.
Masking down cables is a good way to keep things clean and have less slack to loop around one’s foot. Having all equipment in its own obvious corner and not scattered around is another good way to avoid problems.

Having a safety prep talk before, highlighting problems is a good way to hopefully make sure everybody, both cast and crew is on the same page.
Safety officers can also be employed to ensure the upmost safety and check off on stunts, fire and more alarming things which need to be flagged as a problem.

Electrocution is another one, faulty equipment with a high amount of energy can cause many problems, one of my colleges found that a light would zap him. 

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