Sunday, March 5, 2017

Week Three: Title Sequence

The idea behind my pitch is to focus on the writer of the Fan Fiction themselves. While a lot of pitches focused on the fan-fiction or the presentation of the fan-fiction (a lot to do with books being opened, looking like a classic fairy tale ect), I personally felt that focusing in on the creative mind behind the works is an interesting way to open the episode.

It would star a tween (or most likely a adult who is dressed up like a tween) who storms into their bedroom frustrated after a day at school, after tossing their bag on the bed, they bring out their laptop to start typing (only major light source in the room).

Behind them is their thoughts, which would be the ideas of the Fan Fiction they are conceiving, then they start to type. The camera would spin around and on the screen is a word document, which would have the name of the episode.

Another thing I wished to include is a disclaimer regarding copyright, that this isn’t our works, that the original copyright isn’t either. We’re walking a double-whammy copyright brigade issue with our project, not only the original holder of the IP, but also the fan-fic writer themselves.

The first attempt at my pitch didn't go well, not enough detail, too vague. So my second pitch I think went a lot better in terms of what my vision is. It seems however a version of my idea is being considered, but some old man on a typewriter instead of a tween on a laptop.
Which to me is going back to the old classic fairy tale vibe of the other intros, which is perfectly fine, I understand it, however I think it does miss some of the reality of who it is that is actually writing these stories.

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