Sunday, March 5, 2017

Week Four: Work needs doing

While we have made strong strides into pre-production, there is still work which needs to be done.

Casting is critical right now, we need to know who it is we’re working with and what they’re able to do, costuming will also play a big part in this. As we have three different stories, we’re going to have to need three different sets of costumes.
I myself have already began work on what the costumes for the My Little Pony characters can be like, but until we know the gender/height/size ect of the actors, we can’t progress with the actual physical side of the costume.

Title Sequence

The title sequence is due to be shot by week seven, this means we need to have our idea chosen, equipment booked and set(s) built by that time. Some of the ideas floated require green screen, so being able to light/shoot green screen will be critical knowledge to pull that off beforehand.


I don’t believe we can get away with shooting everything on the soundstage in front of the green screen, apart from looking maybe bad, the sound-stage is in high demand for many other students as well at the uni, we can’t hog it.
I believe we’re getting close to the narrator’s room, however for other locations I don’t know how close we are. Different episodes will have different vibes and locations as well, so there’s a lot of work to be done in this area.

We’re getting ever closer to the middle of the trimester, we gotta’ get moving soon.

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