Sunday, February 26, 2017

Week Two: Crew Roles

I am still unsure what role I wish to take in the industry, however I believe I am leaning more directly towards post-production.
As much as I enjoy the creative process in terms of script-writing and the general concept of the show, I don’t think I am focused enough.

I don’t have the people skills required for directorial or producing work, or the artist mind for production.
I am not quite strong enough for camera and I don’t know if I can deal with the pressure of being around people when they’re worked up (of which I have been led to believe happens quite a bit on set in the real world, my experience at uni so far has been great on set, however I know that isn’t totally representative of on the job).

If I was to be camera, I think I would prefer a smaller unit such as news or current affairs kind of camera work, while still stressful, there isn’t a lot of other people with flashy lights either.

So I think editing could be where I fall into place, I am quite skilled with computers and know Adobe Premier at a decent level right now.
The only thing is I am not very good at AVID, I did an editing unit with it when I was still a games student and as I never used AVID outside of that class, I forgot how it all worked despite getting good marks at the time.
I am so used to how Sony VEGAS and Adobe Premier work, that I would honestly need another class in learning AVID again, for me it feels a bit jank in comparison.

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