Friday, August 12, 2016

Blog #4 Of Teenagers and Goats

The script stars two girls, one 12 the other 14. The actors playing them are 13 and 15 respectively.

At first we were under the impression that we all needed Working with Children's Cards, which seemed simple enough at the time.

The process is quite simple, you fill out the details on the website, print our the form, take it to the local post office with some ID to prove it's you, they spend it off, do a police check and then bang you get it.

At least that is provided the Post Office likes your photo, they didn't like mine. See I got my photo taken at the Kodak shop because they get better photos than the Post Office does, the lady at the photo shop has a bit of plastic which shows how big the photo is meant to be in the frame for the ID, the exact same big of plastic is in the post-office. The problem was the two different ladies each had their own interpretation of the SAME government-issued guide. So that was a thing, thankfully they did finally spend it off.
Being that I have no criminal history, I got approved quite quickly and got my card.

But other members of my group not so lucky, oh don't worry none of them done anything bad. Just that they took a very long time process their cards for some reason.
Although while we were stressing out about the other crew members outside our core group (i.e. audio), Child Services told us that only one personal actually needs it to be a supervisor... and that person can be the parent who doesn't even need a card. That would have saved us a lot of trouble!
Still I have the card for 5 years, so I cannot complain, might come in handy if I ever decide to become a Lifeguard or something.

Child Services themselves are interesting, while we all know why they exist, they can get a bit strung up about certain things.
See I don't really care about someones age, I am very much of the opinion that one shouldn't be judged for their age and that many age-based laws are nanny-state nonsense (I have a lot of opinions about things), but the things they talked about just confused me.

At first we couldn't have our youngest (who let me remind you is 13, a teenager, not a young kid), couldn't be near a goat because apparently goats a wild beasts who cannot be unleashed.
Although now they say it's cool as long as she isn't holding it.

Oh and the themes might be too spooky for her or whatever. Let me tell you, I hope child services never goes to read the type of fan-fiction actual tweens/teens write themselves, they'll need to really re-think how they view that age-group.

Blog #3 - Location, Location, Location

Attempting to find locations for the film proved quite hard.

We looked at a place called Kirth Kilm, however being a public area it meant that other members of the public could be camping there or just walk though, with no way to stop them or close the area off.
Not to mention having to go through Parks Victoria would be a nightmare, submitting the files our producer never really got an answer back from them and aspects like the goat could never work.

Also there would be a lack of power, toilets and not really any real way to feed or keep warm our crew and more importantly our cast. Child services would not be pleased.

I was personally sent to inquire about Treetops scout park, however as we thought we found a location I was asked to not bother going after it, in hindsight maybe that was a mistake as we could have used the location and it might have been quite ideal with power and shelter. Not to mention perfect for me as I am very close to it, while every other location is like a three hour drive for me and I hate driving, along with the fact I am made to carry the gear because I have the SUV.

Regardless after much faffing around looking at locations, we settled on two places.
The first being the house of the family friends of our Production Manager, the house was perfect visually and some of front areas proved quite useful.

The second location is the neighbor property of our director, quite handy and there's a goat nearby.
But the drive for me personally is utter hell. The one thing I will be glad once this shoot is over is that I don't have to drive for a long time. Because SAE lacks a proper car-park of sorts, parking in Melbourne is hell and attempting to pick-up/drop-off gear becomes more of headache than it really should.