Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Blog #1

Up to only recently have I had any real experience in partaking in the practical side of film-making.
For my childhood and teenage years I acquired a growing understanding of the film-making process, however this was only ever at a distance from what I gathered from online and behind-the-scenes.
The media program at my high-school did little to incorporate much of this, as it was mainly have an idea and go out doing it. Of course there a level of pre-production, however in high-school I didn’t often see the point as I already had ‘the vision’ inside my head, for me the real work was in the production and post-production.

My first real experience with pre-production wasn’t in film at all, it was in Games, previous to studying Film I was studying Games at SAE. In games it was as like film, critical to nail down the plan of action before production could begin.

Once in Film, the pre-production for our first project (Keyhole) was limited, the story changed around a lot and roles were pretty much locked in place of being shared around.
The second and third projects (Medley’s “Do you Feel Safe” and Derroman) were the first real film process sections, going through months of pre-production. This mainly applied to our music video, working with the client, working out the locations (although in the end we just filmed inside the Sound Stage with some set-dressing).
The production itself felt easy by compassion to the pre-production, I myself was not much involved with the Post Production.

That is going to change with our current project Ritual, for I am going to be the editor and colour grader. My key is to have all the elements which I can setup beforehand setup in place, ready to go.
This is setting out the assembly line and starting to cut it together as soon as I can get my hands on the footage, not waiting until I have it all.

I am relevantly confident in the cutting of the film, my largest focus of learning right now is on the colour grade. The director has made his vision quite clear, that the images should all be de-saturated, the Director of Photogopghy has helpfully told me a good starting point is “Lumetri Color”, getting in as much practice before hand will be critical.
But right now I am go work on the titles/credits.

I am working on an animated logo before the first scene, after the first scene will be the title and of course after the film will be the credits.
I have already gone through the script (which is now scene-locked) to figure out the order of appearance of characters and where they appear, if I can write up the credits as much as I can now with leaving spaces for placeholders when the final information comes through (i.e casting).

Along with the main project is my own personal script, titled Local Council, I have written it to be somewhat in the vain of the ABC show Utopia.
At time of writing I have yet to review the feedback, however I will need to download software such as Celtx when I go for my second draft to re-do the script.
The first draft was written using Microsoft Word (which I am using right now actually), however as scripts are very set in the way of the formatting I have been advised to go against the free-form word processing software in favour of a dedicated software suite.

Due to personal reason and my own failures I have fallen behind a bit, however I endeavour to step up and get into a better system of getting things done.
My main motivating force behind this is the shared score with the team, the idea that my own failure would bring down the mark of my team, my friends, is frankly terrifying to me. That is a prospect I do not wish to face, ever, so that is my major driving force as of now.