Thursday, September 1, 2016

Blog #7 - Comm Link

"Communication is key", a phrase I have heard many times in my life and communication was a subject that came up quite a bit through production.

At first it was simply a matter of all getting to class on time, but it went beyond that quickly.
The biggest issue faced was not being totally honest with each-other about our handling on a subject. For example, telling our producer "yes" in response to his questions when we didn't actually know or weren't sure we could do it.

The other was saying we would have a task done by deadlines, but not or getting things told to us. I was pretty good at writing everything down in a notebook, but the problem became I had two notebooks and not much organisation inside them.

Being able to stay in contact was another one.
Email was the largest way on a grand and personal scale. Early on our producer requested that we all respond to his emails so he wasn't left in the dark and that we all use email.

I don't think I have used my phone (as a phone) as much as in the last trimester, texting and calling a lot more than I normally do.
Facebook was good early on, but lost a lot of its use later when texting was more guaranteed a response.

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