Thursday, September 1, 2016

Blog #6 Editing

Editing is something I thought I was good at, well I am pretty decent at the technical side of things, but one area I have found to be lacking in is the “Feel” of being an editor.
I guess I just think about things in a different ways, some people are good at breaking down a scene, getting all the metaphors, subtext, ect out of it, while I just try to enjoy things. So when it comes to editing, it seems my gut instinct isn’t quite what everybody is looking for all the time.

Pacing, feels and looking at things a grand scheme of things is something I need to take into more consideration in future, but I think management as well.

Calling the editing process of Ritual ‘non-liner’ is a understatement, instead of importing all the files into neat folders within Premier from the start, I pretty much just dragged in the files I liked from  the master folder and imported them in that way. Which works fine enough on Windows, but since in the editing bay I am forced onto the awful nature of Mac, it isn’t as simple because if you struggle with making a mouse which double-clicks, everything else is a mountain to climb for an operating system.
But I do know that in future I will manage the folders better, import all the audio at once into their own folder, all the video and other assets to be placed into their own neat section.

But I think the biggest thing I have figured out is that I should sync the boom audio to the footage straight away, while I did the typical Mark thing of cutting the vision first then adding the (good) audio later on. Which was not the best thing to do.

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