Thursday, September 1, 2016

Blog #5 Audio

Audio makes or breaks things, it’s an annoying fact of things.

If you go onto YouTube it’s common to find that people will deal with low quality visuals, but the one thing people cannot stand, is bad audio.

Audio in many ways has a far profounder effect on the brain that images do, audio changes the tone, mood and everything about the piece.
This of course doesn’t just effect Film/TV, but every other medium from Video Games, Web and Live Production.

A great soundtrack can in specific stances can elevate a mediocre product into a great one, it can stick in such an iconic way.

Star Wars, Jaws, Harry Potter, Jurassic Park without the score of John Williams? They’d be totally different feeling films.

The thing is, I am not an audio student, in fact I know very little about the technical side of audio.
I know what I know and I like what I like, but I couldn’t play an instrument to save my life, let alone fix the background buzz of ducted heating, they’re proper wizards in their own way.

One advantage SAE does have over other places is that all the students are dumped together in the same building, this can be annoying when the audio people play sick-beats which shake the whole building or that every computer is a Mac (when if you’re doing games, Mac is like worse than a Windows 95), but one plus side of it is that you’re able to find people who know their stuff about areas you haven’t a clue.

Nobody in my ground, myself very much included is audio minded or skilled, however thanks to a crewing night we were able to get two very talented audio students who have been invaluable. Not only are they just two good people, but without their stuff we’d be boned.

See the camera’s in-built audio is just hot-trash, it doesn’t sound good and it seems in our case in a bunch of cases the audio just doesn’t exist.
The boom mic just sounds far better.

Now that we’re into post-production, things going to get a lot better. With proper mixing and balancing of the audio from the people who actually know what they’re doing (when while I am an editor, my effect on audio isn’t great).

This of course isn’t at all mentioning the score which is also being done for us, now that’s neat.

So audio folks, some people might diss at you, but really we need you a lot more than you need us.
You can make music without film, but you cannot make film without audio in most cases.

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