Thursday, September 1, 2016

Blog #11 - Lens

Constantly lens were used throughout production, in the pre-production stage the selection of lens was chosen as well to be put on the running list for the day.

There is a whole box full of different ones, although we used primarily the 14inch, 24inch and 50inch. The bigger the number, the further the view you get. The smaller the number, the more tight and closed in.

The thing about these lens is, they don't offer zoom of any kind, so unless you want to be playing around with digital zoom later (which can reduce the visual quality), it's vital to get the shot you want right away.

A good thing about lacking zoom on the lens however is that you won't accidentally zoom in while trying to change the focus. Focus pulling was something we really didn't do while filming and maybe was something we should have invested more in. A couple of our shots were in fact out of focus.

Steadicam (yes it is spelt that way) by its nature had focus problems, although we had more problems with keeping the Steadicam steady than anything else. It took a while to set up, having to balance it all, the problem was, the final shots with them tended to be on the Micheal Bay end of the spectrum which was a bit of chaos in the editing as a lot of it (even with the aid of software) was unable.

Battery's being on charge is always fun, charge stations are pretty much the first thing set-up.
PRO TIP!: Don't try to charge a Steadicam battery and a normal set of battery's off the same plug, it will blow the fuse.

The whole thing was shot in something called SLOG2, which from what I gather is a filter to make it seem more "cinematic".

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