Saturday, May 7, 2016

FLM110 Topic 10: Film and Audiences

I typically watch movies in a cinema if I watch them away from a television. If in a cinema generally speaking I do not interact, I prefer to be a good little boy and keep my mouth shut (surprising I know to anybody who has spent time around me).
I also tend to refrain from laughing out loud or making any comments even if I desperately want to go “ooh I get it now”.
When watching films with friends or family, I am happier to talk and give a running commentary during the commercials before the film and the credits after, but never when the actual film itself is running.
I tend to get annoyed by deliberate sound from other cinema goers. While a laugh at a joke is fine, there is a point where a laugh can be so obnoxious that I want to cover my ears and cringe. People chatting or making loud comments as well annoy me. Babies or very young children crying also gives me a case of the wanna-punch-someone-syndrome. Mind you this crying isn’t a reaction to the film itself either, it’s just because that’s what babies do.
It’s true that I am a heartless bastard, I won’t really cry in films. Maybe misty-eyed at most, but even then that tends to be a reaction to when the film wants me to cry. The engineered action of music, story and cinematography which causes tear-jerking on demand.
I know some people are more emotional than myself and can get triggered by almost anything, but I am far too cynical.

I don’t think I have ever gotten an change of moral mind from watching a film, my morals and view of the world is already baked into me and so far no film, game or book has been able to truly sway my opinion one way or the other. Not that isn’t to say that I don’t ‘understand’ what the film is trying to get across or conveying.
I perfectly understand when films like Children of Men or Zootopia are trying to make a statement on social issues. I think in the case of Zootopia it’s quite evident that the core social message is a response to global terrorism and the people’s reaction to it. Racism, Faith and Gender all are represented in an interesting way.

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  1. You sound like the kind of audience member I would like to share a cinema with. I agree with all the points you raised regarding cinema etiquette, and I too have suffered from the wanna-punch-someone syndrome. These days though (beside babies in the cinema) the most likely cause is mobile phone use during a film. With regards to being swayed morally by a film, I think you should keep an open mind. Whilst having your own views are important, being open to other's opinions and considering them and their merits is an important part in character development. I am looking forward to seeing Zootopia, I have heard a lot about it, mainly from you.