Friday, January 6, 2012

A new year and a new idea

So it’s a new year, 2012… the year we all die!

Regardless it has been a while since I have updated here or posted a video, well back last year I recorded with my camera a friend of mine (John-Joe) and he took a voice of something akin to a BBC documentary presenter and he just started going on about random things.

I have decided that this will make a good video to upload and maybe even a start of a new series.
I have always wanted to start a series and I have tried many times in the past (most attempts never made it to YouTube or got taken down by copyright issues).
I think the issue is that I am a horrible actor; my voice is a drag and who really wants to look at me?
Regardless John-Joe I think we can all agree is a born star and I have other clips and I will try to upload them too and see how it all goes.