Saturday, March 26, 2011


Spike doesn't like this one bit
can't believe it came to this :(

for thorse who don't know, youtube user MAST3RLINKX had got her youtube channel taken down by Hasbro for 3 counts of copyright infringement, now her account is back up however all pony videos have been taken down and has far as I can tell she isn't going to upload anymore videos of my little pony: friendship is magic.

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Saturday, March 19, 2011

the new MEME


so anyways there is a tv show running on some channel called "the hub" with a new show based off the popular toy brand "my little pony".

well this new tv series has made a bang over da nets.
starting with stuff on 4 chans /b/ forum with pics and stuff, going even to the stage where mods on the /co/ forum have put rules in place about MLP.

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Sunday, March 13, 2011

Media to film

So we are working on a new Media Project.
what this whole thing is feeling like
Issue is one of our people is not wanting to come on facebook :(.

but hopefully soon we can begin filming (tommow would be nice).

They had the idea of filming at my place and around my area but that will not work since my area is way to modern for what we need. we need bush, crappy old wooden houses and just a run down place. lucky everywhere our in our shire apart from my area fits that XD
The place we want to film is in the area of the person who isn't online, so now me and the other guy are just planing stuff on facebook!
... petty we are not all on the same page XD