Saturday, October 22, 2011

It’s Blizzcon day again!

First up, new WoW expansion!

WoLK didn’t interest me
Cata bored me
I have NO interest in World of Warcraft at all; HOWEVER this expansion looks really good.
So Blizzard, since I have a slight emotion towards this I guess you have done a good job.

New race (pandas), New class (Monk), New Asian looking area.
yep lots of people have commented on the whole kung fu panda thing.

The new race is neutral, so you can pick to go to Alliance or Horde, which I think is very good idea.
Also the new race isn’t a “hero class”, so it’s back to level one.

As it looks there isn’t an overarching bad guy in this, which I like.

overall, I think this WoW expansion could be really good to the game as it really seems to add something new.

Okay, now we have Diablo fo-shizzle!

In an interesting twist, anybody with a 12 mouth sub to WoW will get Diablo 3 for FREE to download.

But I think the number of people with 12 mouth subs is pretty low, infact I bet most people will be after the sweetness that is the new collector’s edition.
take a look.
I am a SLUT for collector’s editions, I can almost bet this will be next to my StarCraft 2, WoW cata and Dungeon Lords collector’s as well :3

that is all I can be bothered to write as that is all I have been able to absorb, oh I think there is some new SC2 units for something as well.

ps. Needs more ponies!

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