Sunday, July 17, 2011

My thoughts on the "Cold Stream" beta for L4D2

I think that is was overall a great hour or so spent playing.

The campaign was MUCH more hectic than previous and many may find them self’s dying once in a while (thankfully I only died once from my own stupidly), regardless I don’t think it needs to be made harder nor do I think it needs to be made easier, this really brings out the best of you, I think the level of difficulty needs to stay the same.

Level design was very well done with more interaction with the environment than normal and the path was less liner than normal (with times when you need to pick which way to go) which is a welcomed edition.

One thing I did notice was that the enemy AI sometimes just stood there (as if waiting for me to trigger it off), I think maybe having them move around a little bit more would be nice.
 Also just a side thing, I think some lines of dialog between the charrtors would be nice as well.

I did have an issue with playing online, sometimes when I tried to join someone it would just stop loading or if a friend of mine tried to play together both ours would stop loading or mine would load and his wouldn’t. Also when I did get online the lag was worse than normal.                                                Also a side thing, having a new poster at the loading screen would be nice instead of a generic picture.

So overall I say this great addition to the game and I can’t wait for future updates, I would also recommend getting the bridge and putting in as an online map.

Also I think some little things need to be tweaked before Xbox DLC gets put out.

-          Jack Pipsam

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