Saturday, March 19, 2011

the new MEME


so anyways there is a tv show running on some channel called "the hub" with a new show based off the popular toy brand "my little pony".

well this new tv series has made a bang over da nets.
starting with stuff on 4 chans /b/ forum with pics and stuff, going even to the stage where mods on the /co/ forum have put rules in place about MLP.

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As the fanbase of My Little Pony grew on 4chan’s /b/ board, so did “hatedom”. Soon, angry anons would try to “sage” a thread into submission. Due to the high comment volume the threads already received, this plan did not work. Then, they would instead try spamming gore images and porn in an attempt to dissuade people from posting. However, the “bronies” did not reply negatively, instead saying that even if those people spam gore, that that is okay. Eventually, some fans of the show decided that in order to stop being an inconvenience upon those who disliked the show, that an image board of their own was made, Ponychan.
On February 26, 2011, moderators on 4chan’s /b/ and /co/ boards started to “sage” pony threads and ban users who posted in them. The mods reasoning was stated as being “endless pony threads with no actual content other than reaction images. go start your own pony imageboard.”


now it is getting pop to use the show's footage with trailer soundtrack under it.

so this has done wonders for the ratings which is why no take downs have been going on, so more moneys are making the makers go

so what do you think?
Is this a MEME that will last or will it just fizzle.
want to read moar, the KYM page on it is really interesting.

don't forget now you read this post you are 20% cooler.
my little pony friendship is magic Pictures, Images and Photos

go and talk about it on the forum

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