Saturday, March 26, 2011


Spike doesn't like this one bit
can't believe it came to this :(

for thorse who don't know, youtube user MAST3RLINKX had got her youtube channel taken down by Hasbro for 3 counts of copyright infringement, now her account is back up however all pony videos have been taken down and has far as I can tell she isn't going to upload anymore videos of my little pony: friendship is magic.

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This is a real blow, many of us have become to quite enjoy the series and some (like myself) don't live in the United States of America so we do not have the hub overhere and so far no TV networks here have picked it up!

I wanted to let everyone have a chance to watch and enjoy the show.

That is why I uploaded the episodes.
I'm happy with the results.

Sorry it had to come down to this.
Hope you enjoyed the pony ride. - MAST3LINKX

that quote can be seen on her comment on the post about it on equestriadaily.

I have nothing more too add to this, this is truly sad since we don't know if Hasbro will continue with this.

only time can tell.

(27/03/2011)EDIT: seems her account is down again :(

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