Saturday, October 23, 2010

is the threat real?

you may of heard about the "war" well anyway this Justin Bieber fan is declaring war on all haters. so he is going on about us, hacking us and taking out IP.

so anyway no on took this kid for real... but now?

he did hack someone, LIFEINATENT! WTF! that's right he got hacked!

this kid changed his video name and making a new blog post.

you can even see him hacking over a Ustream here -

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

my response to CNA facebook
"not really. Ben 10 lost interest around season 2 when all hopes of plot fell. I fell the whole show has gone on too long, you still make lots of money from shonky products and I know in the end your there to make money, however I feel you need to bring some better shows in.

I liked the classic shows like Camp Lazlo, Dexter Lab, Samurai Jack and hell even Powerpuff girls (it had some story in it).

I know all you 12 year olds will flame but I don't care.

Cartoon Network, I am sorry to say but your are turning into Nickaloden. you find a juggernaut show (Spungebob) and you overdo it.
while other great shows with morril, bigger appeal and better story e.g The Wild Thornberrys get left in the dust.

while I understand new shows need to come in, that is no reason to make shows of less quality.

chances are you will delete this but I don't care since I am open to my opinion.
I still like you, but I think there needs to be much improvement in your shows.

Saturday, October 2, 2010

RuneScape, is it so bad?

NOTE: I am not a RuneScape fanboy and by no means do I think it’s the best mmo so just so that’s clear!
RuneScape is often the attacked from many people online and offline. It is often commented on as being easy and a kid’s game. HOWEVER RuneScape uses the good old “easy to learn, hard to master” way of doing things. But what is so kiddie about it? Really think about?
The skill system is really good. So you have 26 skills in which you can level up to 99 in each (expect Dungenoneering in which you can level to 120). Doing/killing different things gains you a pre mounted XP as you level up you will unlock new things to do in that skill, other skill things, and access to certain areas and some quests.

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