Tuesday, November 23, 2010

josh series introduction (test)

VOICE OVER: Gaming as a general activity has never being a cheap one, lucky for us rich foke we can be separated from… them!
Alas now gaming is cheaper with more and more “cheapests” getting into it.
So here at the Study of Gaming Pwnage have decided to take a closer look at… them.
We will follow around what appears to the cheapest of them all… Josh w, Vandenberg.
*josh sitting in chair*
JOSH: Hello I am errr, Josh and I like to play games… n’ stuff
*looks side*
JOSH: how much am I getting paid again?
MAN: so Josh tell us what is your favourite thing about games?
JOSH: well, I guess the whole social aspect of it ya know?... and well see the BOOB SILDER, come on who’s with me?
MAN: so what is your favourite type of game?
JOSH: any I don’t really have to pay for I guess… oh and games I am good at straight away! See I hate going into games I am not good at right off the bat! Like in StarCraft 2 right, I sucked at it!
MAN: how long did you play it for?
JOSH: 10 minute
MAN: you can’t expect to be good at a game right away you know, most gamers infact find they have more fun they an’t as good and over time they become good at it.
JOSH: na, if I an’t good at it straight away then I won’t play it.
MAN: so apart from free is there a type of game that you like
JOSH: I like MMO’s like Guild Wars and Shyia!
MAN: why?
JOSH: well there really good looking and I can zoom right into mah girls boobs *happy grin*
MAN: what about DDO?
JOSH: na, like I said I don’t like games that are hard and require much thinking!
MAN: so wha
*Josh cuts in*
JOSH: I wuv RTS things like HoN and LoL!
MAN: so like dota?
JOSH: ya!
VOICE OVER: In fact Josh very much likes dota style games, infact here is a video

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