Saturday, November 20, 2010

Harry Potter games!

I miss the old harry potter games, remember when EA didn't suck?

on PC the first 3 HP titles were well crafted games on there own right that didn't really need you to read the books or see the movie to understand what was going on.
at the time the world design was great and the graphic in the 2ed and 3ed were mind blowing (at the time) the way that levels were designed was great with moving platforms and puzzle rooms and areas you had to spend forever to find.

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the voice acting was pretty good and the music was very atmospheric and the game had one thing the new ones missed... you felt like a Wizard! the world around you was full of magic and adventure!

the ps1 versions of the first 2 games also pushed ps1 to its limits, the world (while different from PC) felt like magic and you just wanted to explore everypart of it!

the GBC games were fantastic, large world, lots of spells, long game! both the 1st and 2ed on GBC are great examples of EA putting effort and love into there games.
the GBA versions of the 1st and 2ed, were different they weren't the best but not the worst. However the 3ed on GBA used the same layout and system from the first two on GBC which was great! and once again showed great gameboy music!

the PS2,Xbox and GC versions of the games were also pretty fun, I didn't have as much fun with them because some systems seem a little flawed :( however the GC to GBA link was very nice, really in the 3ed one if your owl got sick in a mini game then you just get the owl heal kit in the GBA version and port it over!
and the eyetoy mini games in the 3ed were fun for a while as well!

HOWEVER... the 4th Harry Potter came out, around this time the mechendice wasn't as extreeem as it was and the hype wasn't as high and there was little LEGO released with it, but the games... OH GOD THE GAME!

PC, Ps2, Xbox and GC versions were the same! A TOPDOWN GAME!
gone was the open world, gone was the good graphics, gone was the story!
the game was split into different short levels and horrible gameplay! the game begs for a 2 player mode which was never there!
the DS, PsP and GBA versions were ok but still crap!

so after that... thing!
we hoped that the 5th would improve... it didn't!
while the DS,GBA and PsP versions were once again ok, the PC, Xbox 360, Ps2, Wii, and ps3 versions were horrible!
the good graphics and open world was back, however the whole design was different!
now the WHOLE game was set in an sand box style and magic was performed by movement with the stick (think S.K.A.T.E) and it was slow boring and just bad, all the people in the game looked like Beowulf (new) in the way that they look like dolls!
the 6th game was the SAME!
but now with the new one they said they would change it, they did!

did they go back to good old times, NOOO they made the game into a behind cover shooter! the game is short and boring and just plain sloppy (even if more work was put into this one) I know that the setting is completely different now but still this design is just horrible!

lets just hope EA puts some sence into them selfs and make the next happy potter game a good one!

ps. I do know about the spin off QWC and it was alright I guess.

what do you think of the Harry Potter games?

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