Tuesday, November 23, 2010

josh series introduction (test)

Saturday, November 20, 2010

Gaming Awards of 2010

Since the end of the year is acoming I am showing my gaming awards, now rember this is what I think if you don’t agree say but don’t go all nerdrage on me.
If you disagree I will put numbers next to them so you can say what you think!
I have tried to be as fair and nonbiased as possible so without further ado gets go!
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Harry Potter games!

I miss the old harry potter games, remember when EA didn't suck?

on PC the first 3 HP titles were well crafted games on there own right that didn't really need you to read the books or see the movie to understand what was going on.
at the time the world design was great and the graphic in the 2ed and 3ed were mind blowing (at the time) the way that levels were designed was great with moving platforms and puzzle rooms and areas you had to spend forever to find.

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Thursday, November 4, 2010

PotBS f2p!

Flying Labs game Pirates of the Burning Sea was an mmo released in 2008, one issue... SOE! SOE has a bad rep of there games not been updated (apart from EQ1 and 2). lucky that Flying Lab is still major in part of the game, so now at the end of this mouth the game is going f2p.

I have been playing it over the last couple weeks (A review SHOULD be up in say a week) and I am having a lot of fun.
the game is international so there is no Europe version game (in the way LotRO is). there is a EU server however for better connection, I am in love with this game because they got a line out to Australia.

for someone like me who likes playing MMOs it can suck living in Australia, but they got a line out here! its... so... beautiful... no lag :>

so whos going to sail on the high seas with me?
ps. I am Spanish in the game... they looked so kool!