Saturday, October 2, 2010

RuneScape, is it so bad?

NOTE: I am not a RuneScape fanboy and by no means do I think it’s the best mmo so just so that’s clear!
RuneScape is often the attacked from many people online and offline. It is often commented on as being easy and a kid’s game. HOWEVER RuneScape uses the good old “easy to learn, hard to master” way of doing things. But what is so kiddie about it? Really think about?
The skill system is really good. So you have 26 skills in which you can level up to 99 in each (expect Dungenoneering in which you can level to 120). Doing/killing different things gains you a pre mounted XP as you level up you will unlock new things to do in that skill, other skill things, and access to certain areas and some quests.

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The game runs the most successful ingame economy I have ever seen. It’s stable unlike other games which try this. As a certain amount of an item goes on sale if there is a lot then it is cheap and if there is less then it costs more. The full ingame economy can be seen from the website.
The ingame writing is the best I have ever seen in an MMO. You want to read the text because it’s witty and to the point. The quests are often harder than they seem with monsters of high level and puzzles to solve.
The worlds design is very well made with the world changing much and well thought out areas. The mini- games are endless fun. Of many kinds and many skills. RuneScape is the best Brower based MMO; there is no doubt about that. The content is ever coming for sizes and skills. With events that make think and new quests and areas to explore. Why not check this masterpiece out?
With Free meaning Free and Members meaning Members and nothing inbetween this game doesn’t need an “item store” for your real world cash. For $7 a mouth what more could you want? ToonTown I really would say not.
Many games have raised and many games have fall, however RuneScape is a game which is ever growing. Maybe one of the only games which isn’t sexist and lends it self to all. Yes this game lends it self to all ages, however do not be fooled! This game is deep and this game is full! So grab a spoon and take a bite and join the world as you!

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