Tuesday, October 5, 2010

my response to CNA facebook
"not really. Ben 10 lost interest around season 2 when all hopes of plot fell. I fell the whole show has gone on too long, you still make lots of money from shonky products and I know in the end your there to make money, however I feel you need to bring some better shows in.

I liked the classic shows like Camp Lazlo, Dexter Lab, Samurai Jack and hell even Powerpuff girls (it had some story in it).

I know all you 12 year olds will flame but I don't care.

Cartoon Network, I am sorry to say but your are turning into Nickaloden. you find a juggernaut show (Spungebob) and you overdo it.
while other great shows with morril, bigger appeal and better story e.g The Wild Thornberrys get left in the dust.

while I understand new shows need to come in, that is no reason to make shows of less quality.

chances are you will delete this but I don't care since I am open to my opinion.
I still like you, but I think there needs to be much improvement in your shows.

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