Friday, September 24, 2010

talking about Halo:Reach part1

what is not to love about Halo: Reach?
the campaign is the best yet, the online is fantastic, forge is great and all around FTW!

The story is the easiest to follow. you are Nobel 6 (this time you get to choice between male or female) you are a replacement of another Spartan was K.I.A.
Nobel Team goes out to hunt down some rebels, however you quickly find out its the *gasp* Covenant, ok by now its not a big surprise to any player. this is when they first hit Reach.
unless you are pants on head retarded you would know that Reach is a planet. so you go on your happy adventure. I won't go on to spoil to much, however lets just say stick around after the credits.

Like last time you can upload pictures and videos from theretre mode while you can upload maps from forge also once again you can download and recommender them.
unlike Halo 2 and 3 there ant a whole stack of playlists (Halo 3 playlists have being bought down a bit). however this is an issue, see I liked knowing what match I am going into but now you can vote your gametype of choice. funny how in the "welcome to the beta" video she said that this would bring less veto power.... IT JUST HAS MORE FUCKING VETO POWER!
I am SICK of getting into Team Sniper and Team SWAT matches. ALL I WANT IS TO PLAY SOME FUCKING SLAYER! but 96% of the time I end up somewhere else!

to be continued!

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