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my brief history: Call of Duty part 2

For people just joining us please read the first part here à http://jackpipsam.blogspot.com/2010/09/my-brief-history-call-of-duty-part-1.html

The year is 2008! Fable2 WOOT! Ok ok.

So Treyarch released there 3ed Call of Duty game called Call of Duty: World at War (CoD 5).

This was the first CoD game in the main series without a number. WaW added quite abit, after all it had to try and top CoD 4. The single player campaign was the most brutal yet, with the game starting on a torture scene. Treyarch realising that people were getting a bit sick of the standard WW2 lingo they tried something new to the Call of Duty franchise. The Pacific (no not the TV show, however it does go nicely along with it) theatre. However half of the game is you playing a Russian in which you are pressing the Nazis back into Berlin.

The Pacific part of the game is the most detailed and best campaign yet. Treyarch showed there eye for realism and an art to making the story (even if it’s the cheap CoD type) still good. One part you are in a plane over the actual pacific and it is great. You have to move up and down the plane to different areas to fire on enemy ship/planes while defending your ships and rescuing people at sea. It really felt like you were doing something to make an impact, however much like CoD 3 you’re not the hero as such. You are really one in a group and everybody around you is doing there own thing.

On the Russian part of the game you start and you’re the only survivor of a massacrer. Then a Russian sergeant (I think it was) came up next to you and told you to follow him. Through out most of the Russian campaign you’re with him and he really feels like an ally. While this side of the game is nothing you really haven’t seen before, it adds a whole new feel to the game. While the ending is the best in a CoD game so far (WaW bet CoD 3 which had an epic gameplay ending and CoD 4 witch had a pretty good storyish ending). One thing I got found was how the Russians talked about the Nazis and how there doing it for “mother Russian” and how they would kill any Russian running away. This was a great part of it.

In the game you are given some choices. Sometime you pick weather to one way or another with a group (abit like in CoD 3), but you are giving the choice to kill a group of Nazis who surrendered. The Russian ally guy said to kill them; however someone else said to leave them alive because that’s “the rules of battle”. So they give the option to you, I (being the softy I am) picked to keep them alive and nothing really happened. I don’t know what happens if you kill them.

Once again this game sold like cupcakes however once again Treyarch game got mediocre reviews.

But there was one thing about WaW that was REALLY new!... NAZI ZOMBIES! This was much like firefight and horde mode, however everytime you kill a Nazi Zombie you get more money and with that money you buy weapons and open areas along with other things. This mode I think was just put in for the –BLAM- of it, however it is very popular.

2009 and the game that everybody hyped up insane came out HALO 3: ODST… what? Oh come on… no… no… NOOO!... FINE!

In 2009 Call of Duty: modern warfare 2 came out. Originally the game was just going to be called Modern Warfare 2 without the Call of Duty name on it. The game is often known still as Modern Warfare 2 (MW2) or just CoD 6.

This was when (to me) the whole thing fell. I mean the campaign they didn’t know what to do! All the levels seem out of place and what little story that connects them together is just plan rubbish. Also it is the shortish game in the series (yes the PSP CoD was longer). Granted the snow mobile thing was fun and that was it. After CoD 5 did there “shock moments” IW wanted to do it too. This time YOU did the -BLAM- I mean WTF! Ok so you don’t HAVE to do it but still. I think IW just wanted to outdo Treyarch.

Also you know that scene from CoD 4 when the guy gets killed? That was one of the greatest moments in gaming history and it was breathtaking. In CoD 6 they do it stacks to the point were you going “here we go again”. Also your guy from CoD 4 is there and that takes out the felling of you’re the guy. Can’t we just play him again? Really, why not?

All in All CoD 6 was a mess, a good selling and overhyped mess.

Maybe sometime I will continue this when Black Opps comes out and maybe do the other spin off games.

Till when ever that is cya!

- Jack Pipsam

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