Saturday, September 25, 2010

my brief history: Call of Duty part 1

Remember back in 2003 when pc FPS fans were just getting there hands on Halo: Combat Evolved and Medal of Honor was still tops?
What is this call of duty? Many a gamer said, to many it looked like a MoH rip off (a good one, but still a rip). However on October 29 most of us got our hands on Call of Duty for PC.

The campaign was like nothing we had ever seen in a WW2 shooter and the multiplayer (still your average GameSpy affair) was fun on a bun! Within about a week people were moving; little did anybody know what CoD would do the gaming world. My opinion on Call of Duty was like “… OMG THIS IS SO KOOL” (being the n00b I was) however the fact was I still played Halo more: P

Later we got Call of Duty: United Offensive the first and to this day the only expansion the call of duty games have ever seen. While it gave you a stranded 6 hour campaign the multiplayer was greatly improved with better maps and of course… CTF!

It wasn’t till 2005 on October 25 on pc that we got our hands on Call of Duty 2 (however we did get some ps2, Xbox and GC games in-between). At this time FPS was the norm, however CoD2 still wowed us. While I didn’t find online as fun, it did moders a lot to play with. The campaign was much longer and so much more epic than the first and any WW2 game before. Later a version came out for the Xbox 360 as a launch title. This was a great port and for the 360, even if the online now is mediocre, remember the new LIVE was new then.

A year later Treyarch came on the scene. Call of Duty 3 came out on all major consoles (except PC, to this day I still hope a version will come on steam). To this day CoD 3 remains my fav in the series. However… many did not agree. Many clamed it to be a copy, however really it was not. The campaign saw you play as 5 nations and the multiplayer was the first with a ranking system. (Granted CoD 4 had the first good one). I liked the game and I think the game got bad rep for no real reason.

2 things happened in 2007 first Halo 3 came out! And… Call of Duty 4: moden warfare. Gamers are kind of divided on this. They may say 2 things “first good CoD” or “last good CoD”. I say this is when the series came shifty. CoD 4 was a great game, hands down. The campaign had some truly rememberal moments and multiplayer had being improved in areas. However this is when what I like to call the “CoD n00b” came in. you know them? There the ones who run around screaming into the mics for no good reason and don’t know the word “good sport”.

Do not get me wrong not all CoD player are like this, but there the ones that you tend to hear.
After this game sold like ice-cream on a hot day, was then it happened... “game a year”!

To be continued

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