Saturday, September 25, 2010

APB shutdown

So anyway the “mmo” APB (All Point Bulletin) shut down after 7 weeks… making officially the shortest lived game ever, great Fury lasted longer! That says much doesn’t it!

The thing is APB was fun for the first 2 hours. After that it became a grind fest (and trust me I have played some grindy game *cough*RuneScape*cough*) however unlike RuneScape the game still isn’t fun at all! With little else to do to break things up. APB claimed to be a “cops n robbers” game… well it’s the most one sided cop’s n robber’s game I have ever seen. All the effort was put into the bad guys knowing that most people would want to play that, HOWEVER that is no reason not to put work into the cops as well. This is what I call the “WAR scenario” (WAR meaning “Warhammer Online: Age of Reckoning”)

For those of you who don’t know what I am talking about I will tell you… right now!

WAR has two fractions (which pissed me off since Dark Age of Camelot (there other game) had 3) Order (good guys) and Destruction (bad guys). Now it is clear this is ripping off Wow’s Alliance and Horde (stfu it is). So anyway unlike WoW all the (no I am NOT a WoW player) work was put into Destruction with great starting areas and more powerful. Normally in games I pick the good guy being the softy I am, however in WAR I found myself play Destruction more because it was less buggy and better gameplay. Which lead to a very once sided battle hence the term “WAR scenario” however most of the issues in WAR are fixed.

So anyway APB was very much in favour of the crimes. There was an AI cop system … however they sucked! While I am no policies newspaper editor I know that the game is less fun for all (expect the n00bs who like free points). The gameplay was really getting objectives, weather it be stay in an area for a time to capture it, kill someone, collect an item ect.

What I did like about the game was the team aspect. Being a lone wolf does not do very well, you can not go in all GTA style and live to tell the tale (granted you may not want to hear it). This game was about teamwork and I loved it! I brought me back to the days of Dark Age of Camelot, running up a hill in a group of 100+ to storm a castle with you team working together to get them and there team was working together to stop us. That was to me MMO at near its finest. After all it’s really the the whole online social thing witch makes MMO’s great! However MMO players today are well… not really team players and are mostly 12 year olds with $20 headsets yelling thinking there top shit. I might make a full article on that issue some other time.

ABP was not great, it wasn’t bad, it just wasn’t great. The game could of being something with more work and budget. We miss you for what you are… a mmo which wasn’t a WoW clone, which is always nice.

NOTE: EPIC games (the people behind the great Unreal and the shit GoW) may buy the game!

- Jack Pipsam

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