Saturday, July 31, 2010

StarCraft 2!

OMG for the last week I have played so much starcraft it is INSANE

Thursday, July 8, 2010

Rant: newer mmo's

I am here to rant about newer MMORPG (note: I am talking about mmoRPGs not MMOfps ect) ok here we go. I am having a harder time having fun in newer MMO’s theses days, some may say that I play too many and hence I am sick of them (they may be right) but I think that it is because of newer MMO’s are just becoming to much of the same. In November 2004 when EverQuest 2 and World of Warcraft (aka WoW) came out they perfected the EverQuest 1 model (yes that’s right even throw most new games are called “wow clones” wow didn’t make that model they just made the EQ1 model easier for noobs)

so anyway after the over the top succuss of WoW other games started to copy it (hence wow clone) so now 98% of newer mmos are based of the EQ model. While it is a good system it is being to get a bit boring to play and that’s part of the reason newer mmos unforantry go that good (granted they add there own little spins). This could be a reason why I like DDO so much, its orinal. If this genre is going anywhere in the future developers will need to start making new systems or try other systems e.g. Runescapes or Asheron’s Call’s system. Also newer MMO’s are all too easy (granted I have played a lot of them so I really know how to play them) so I get bored really easy and most of the time can’t be assed grinding to the highest lvl.

Developers of games out now that aren’t so good e.g. Vanguard: Saga of Heroes or Aion: Tower of Enteraty. All there Devs are doing is little things and merging servers. While that will make players happier (most of the times) really its just cutting costs and not fixing the problem. A new trend the MMO market is the “free to play” revolution (in western AAA games) this started with DDO from Turbine (who are geniuses) and they knew that DDO was falling so they tried the free to play model (witch works well) now they are right up there with high games. More and more Devs are doing this or versions of it e.g. unlimited trials. This is a tactic that works. Many players will go to AAA games if they are free (for however much content there is) I think that most Devs should go f2p get funds from that and work to make there games better.

IPs many games are going for IPs now to get more people e.g. Lord of the Rings Online, Star Trek Online, Star Wars: The Old Republic ect.while Lotro is good and STO is allright and everybody thinks that SWToR is going to be fucking allsome (I will be so pissed if its just going to be like other mmos) I think that Devs get an IP e.g. Harry Potter and make a system around the IP that is a great way to find new systems I think that’s that happened with DDO.

Anyway I am going to wrap this up now. I just hope that Devs will stop copying WoW its just a “my first MMO” and most gamers are sick of it.

Thanks for watching!

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Wednesday, July 7, 2010

New Series - AoJ

Do you remember "The Adventures of Jecar: Ice Games"? well I was meaning to do more with it but it got no were. however I am trying again insted of THE Adventures of Jecar I am changeing it to just Adventures of Jecar or AoJ for short. time will tell if it gets anywere. I had a cold so recorded sounded bad and there was an ecco for some reason :( however now with Aduacity I can make voices for the series. thanks for reading