Thursday, December 2, 2010

lol pwnd!

ahhaahha its about time!

Saturday, November 20, 2010

Gaming Awards of 2010

Since the end of the year is acoming I am showing my gaming awards, now rember this is what I think if you don’t agree say but don’t go all nerdrage on me.
If you disagree I will put numbers next to them so you can say what you think!
I have tried to be as fair and nonbiased as possible so without further ado gets go!
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Harry Potter games!

I miss the old harry potter games, remember when EA didn't suck?

on PC the first 3 HP titles were well crafted games on there own right that didn't really need you to read the books or see the movie to understand what was going on.
at the time the world design was great and the graphic in the 2ed and 3ed were mind blowing (at the time) the way that levels were designed was great with moving platforms and puzzle rooms and areas you had to spend forever to find.

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Thursday, November 4, 2010

PotBS f2p!

Flying Labs game Pirates of the Burning Sea was an mmo released in 2008, one issue... SOE! SOE has a bad rep of there games not been updated (apart from EQ1 and 2). lucky that Flying Lab is still major in part of the game, so now at the end of this mouth the game is going f2p.

I have been playing it over the last couple weeks (A review SHOULD be up in say a week) and I am having a lot of fun.
the game is international so there is no Europe version game (in the way LotRO is). there is a EU server however for better connection, I am in love with this game because they got a line out to Australia.

for someone like me who likes playing MMOs it can suck living in Australia, but they got a line out here! its... so... beautiful... no lag :>

so whos going to sail on the high seas with me?
ps. I am Spanish in the game... they looked so kool!

Saturday, October 23, 2010

is the threat real?

you may of heard about the "war" well anyway this Justin Bieber fan is declaring war on all haters. so he is going on about us, hacking us and taking out IP.

so anyway no on took this kid for real... but now?

he did hack someone, LIFEINATENT! WTF! that's right he got hacked!

this kid changed his video name and making a new blog post.

you can even see him hacking over a Ustream here -

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

my response to CNA facebook
"not really. Ben 10 lost interest around season 2 when all hopes of plot fell. I fell the whole show has gone on too long, you still make lots of money from shonky products and I know in the end your there to make money, however I feel you need to bring some better shows in.

I liked the classic shows like Camp Lazlo, Dexter Lab, Samurai Jack and hell even Powerpuff girls (it had some story in it).

I know all you 12 year olds will flame but I don't care.

Cartoon Network, I am sorry to say but your are turning into Nickaloden. you find a juggernaut show (Spungebob) and you overdo it.
while other great shows with morril, bigger appeal and better story e.g The Wild Thornberrys get left in the dust.

while I understand new shows need to come in, that is no reason to make shows of less quality.

chances are you will delete this but I don't care since I am open to my opinion.
I still like you, but I think there needs to be much improvement in your shows.

Saturday, October 2, 2010

RuneScape, is it so bad?

NOTE: I am not a RuneScape fanboy and by no means do I think it’s the best mmo so just so that’s clear!
RuneScape is often the attacked from many people online and offline. It is often commented on as being easy and a kid’s game. HOWEVER RuneScape uses the good old “easy to learn, hard to master” way of doing things. But what is so kiddie about it? Really think about?
The skill system is really good. So you have 26 skills in which you can level up to 99 in each (expect Dungenoneering in which you can level to 120). Doing/killing different things gains you a pre mounted XP as you level up you will unlock new things to do in that skill, other skill things, and access to certain areas and some quests.

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Thursday, September 30, 2010

The Future of LotRO in Europe

The Future of LotRO in Europe while to many is stable… it may not. As many of you may know early this August DDO in Europe shut down and all accounts were transferred from Codemasters back to Turbine. This happened because of “our operating licence has now expired”.

For the people who don’t know DDO (Dungeons and Dragons Online: Stormreach) was released on the 28th of February in 2006, 4 years ago. In the leaving note they said the licence was only 4 years. Why did Turbine want back? I don’t know. Maybe they think they can run the servers better now, they didn’t like they way Codemasters handled the game (even if all content was really made by Turbine), they think with the new DDO that it will work better or (what I think) Warner Brothers (who own Turbine now) wanted it to be only being under Turbines full control? Like I said I don’t know.

Now let’s say that the same 4 year licence was the same for LotRO. In which case Codemasters will “lose” the licence next year. Now when Warner Brothers brought over Turbine, I don’t think they were after Asheron’s Call (even if it would make a pretty kickass movie). Earlier this year (or late last year, I forgot) Warner Brother got the full game licence of Lord of the Ring from EA (which I think was a good move). The only part they didn’t have was Turbines part. So when Warner Brothers got Turbine they got the FULL licence to LotR games and since they own New Time, they have the movies too. The only thing they don’t have is the books (who know they buy them next o.O). Oh also they Asheron’s Call fully and they have an MMO company with a good name and there games are on the rise.

I think it’s highly likely that WB will want the LotRO back from Codemasters when there licence runs out.

Of course this is all ideas in mah head; I mean I don’t even know if it is a 4 year licence, I am just going off the DDO licence time.

What do you think? Do you want it? Or do you think that my logic fails in everyway?

For the full note to here à

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

my brief history: Call of Duty part 2

For people just joining us please read the first part here à

The year is 2008! Fable2 WOOT! Ok ok.

So Treyarch released there 3ed Call of Duty game called Call of Duty: World at War (CoD 5).

This was the first CoD game in the main series without a number. WaW added quite abit, after all it had to try and top CoD 4. The single player campaign was the most brutal yet, with the game starting on a torture scene. Treyarch realising that people were getting a bit sick of the standard WW2 lingo they tried something new to the Call of Duty franchise. The Pacific (no not the TV show, however it does go nicely along with it) theatre. However half of the game is you playing a Russian in which you are pressing the Nazis back into Berlin.

The Pacific part of the game is the most detailed and best campaign yet. Treyarch showed there eye for realism and an art to making the story (even if it’s the cheap CoD type) still good. One part you are in a plane over the actual pacific and it is great. You have to move up and down the plane to different areas to fire on enemy ship/planes while defending your ships and rescuing people at sea. It really felt like you were doing something to make an impact, however much like CoD 3 you’re not the hero as such. You are really one in a group and everybody around you is doing there own thing.

On the Russian part of the game you start and you’re the only survivor of a massacrer. Then a Russian sergeant (I think it was) came up next to you and told you to follow him. Through out most of the Russian campaign you’re with him and he really feels like an ally. While this side of the game is nothing you really haven’t seen before, it adds a whole new feel to the game. While the ending is the best in a CoD game so far (WaW bet CoD 3 which had an epic gameplay ending and CoD 4 witch had a pretty good storyish ending). One thing I got found was how the Russians talked about the Nazis and how there doing it for “mother Russian” and how they would kill any Russian running away. This was a great part of it.

In the game you are given some choices. Sometime you pick weather to one way or another with a group (abit like in CoD 3), but you are giving the choice to kill a group of Nazis who surrendered. The Russian ally guy said to kill them; however someone else said to leave them alive because that’s “the rules of battle”. So they give the option to you, I (being the softy I am) picked to keep them alive and nothing really happened. I don’t know what happens if you kill them.

Once again this game sold like cupcakes however once again Treyarch game got mediocre reviews.

But there was one thing about WaW that was REALLY new!... NAZI ZOMBIES! This was much like firefight and horde mode, however everytime you kill a Nazi Zombie you get more money and with that money you buy weapons and open areas along with other things. This mode I think was just put in for the –BLAM- of it, however it is very popular.

2009 and the game that everybody hyped up insane came out HALO 3: ODST… what? Oh come on… no… no… NOOO!... FINE!

In 2009 Call of Duty: modern warfare 2 came out. Originally the game was just going to be called Modern Warfare 2 without the Call of Duty name on it. The game is often known still as Modern Warfare 2 (MW2) or just CoD 6.

This was when (to me) the whole thing fell. I mean the campaign they didn’t know what to do! All the levels seem out of place and what little story that connects them together is just plan rubbish. Also it is the shortish game in the series (yes the PSP CoD was longer). Granted the snow mobile thing was fun and that was it. After CoD 5 did there “shock moments” IW wanted to do it too. This time YOU did the -BLAM- I mean WTF! Ok so you don’t HAVE to do it but still. I think IW just wanted to outdo Treyarch.

Also you know that scene from CoD 4 when the guy gets killed? That was one of the greatest moments in gaming history and it was breathtaking. In CoD 6 they do it stacks to the point were you going “here we go again”. Also your guy from CoD 4 is there and that takes out the felling of you’re the guy. Can’t we just play him again? Really, why not?

All in All CoD 6 was a mess, a good selling and overhyped mess.

Maybe sometime I will continue this when Black Opps comes out and maybe do the other spin off games.

Till when ever that is cya!

- Jack Pipsam

Monday, September 27, 2010

Free to Play

Free to Play (F2P) is a word until last year was not very often used. Only 2 REAL[1] games had free to play. Anarchy Online and Runescape, it doesn’t matter your opinion on Runescape since it is the world’s biggest F2P game in numbers even today. While Anarchy Online’s free kept it alive to today, however most common MMO’s did not try this (expect for EAland[2] on its dying breath). However last year the MMO, DDO (Dungeons & Dragons Online: Stormreach) was about to bite the big one. However Turbine (being the guys they are) made one last try to save the game and was born the same game with a new name... DDO (Dungeons & Dragons Online: Ererron Unlimited[3].

Very fast 5 million accounts were made and DDO was saved and now has about 1 Million subers (VIP). DDO showed the world that F2P (if done right) could save the game. The fact was DDO fitted F2P very nicely with the style of game (not an EQ[4] style game). Today DDO is growing and last mouth Turbine put its other game LotRO (Lord of the Rings Online) into the F2P market, it’s too early to tell, however with server waits that’s a good sign (in a bitchy way).

Many other games are now moving. 3 months ago SOE[5] said that EverQuest 2 will NOT be going free to play, a mouth later and they said it will! In fact I am doing an audio commentary on it now; however I am waiting for the download to finish! Also Pirates of the Burning Sea is going F2P (and hopefully if PotBS and EQ2 go well then other SOE games like Vanguard and Planetside may go over(and maybe... The Matrix Online could come backJ).

Also we are seeing the rise of “endless trials” which is what they sound like such games are WAR[6] and AoC[7] also many other games are too similar things as well. E.g. Star Trek Online and Champions Online.

The future of free to play games looks good, and I can’t wait to be a part of it!

[1] Non Kerian WoW clones, I should note that other kids games were as well e.g. Toontown online

[2] Sims Online, now shut

[3] Ya I hate the name too, however many old players (like mah self) still call it Stormreach (I have the box)

[4] More commonly known as a “WoW Clone”

[5] Sony Online Entertainment

[6] Warhammer Online: Age of Reckoning

[7] Age of Conan

Saturday, September 25, 2010

my brief history: Call of Duty part 1

Remember back in 2003 when pc FPS fans were just getting there hands on Halo: Combat Evolved and Medal of Honor was still tops?
What is this call of duty? Many a gamer said, to many it looked like a MoH rip off (a good one, but still a rip). However on October 29 most of us got our hands on Call of Duty for PC.

The campaign was like nothing we had ever seen in a WW2 shooter and the multiplayer (still your average GameSpy affair) was fun on a bun! Within about a week people were moving; little did anybody know what CoD would do the gaming world. My opinion on Call of Duty was like “… OMG THIS IS SO KOOL” (being the n00b I was) however the fact was I still played Halo more: P

Later we got Call of Duty: United Offensive the first and to this day the only expansion the call of duty games have ever seen. While it gave you a stranded 6 hour campaign the multiplayer was greatly improved with better maps and of course… CTF!

It wasn’t till 2005 on October 25 on pc that we got our hands on Call of Duty 2 (however we did get some ps2, Xbox and GC games in-between). At this time FPS was the norm, however CoD2 still wowed us. While I didn’t find online as fun, it did moders a lot to play with. The campaign was much longer and so much more epic than the first and any WW2 game before. Later a version came out for the Xbox 360 as a launch title. This was a great port and for the 360, even if the online now is mediocre, remember the new LIVE was new then.

A year later Treyarch came on the scene. Call of Duty 3 came out on all major consoles (except PC, to this day I still hope a version will come on steam). To this day CoD 3 remains my fav in the series. However… many did not agree. Many clamed it to be a copy, however really it was not. The campaign saw you play as 5 nations and the multiplayer was the first with a ranking system. (Granted CoD 4 had the first good one). I liked the game and I think the game got bad rep for no real reason.

2 things happened in 2007 first Halo 3 came out! And… Call of Duty 4: moden warfare. Gamers are kind of divided on this. They may say 2 things “first good CoD” or “last good CoD”. I say this is when the series came shifty. CoD 4 was a great game, hands down. The campaign had some truly rememberal moments and multiplayer had being improved in areas. However this is when what I like to call the “CoD n00b” came in. you know them? There the ones who run around screaming into the mics for no good reason and don’t know the word “good sport”.

Do not get me wrong not all CoD player are like this, but there the ones that you tend to hear.
After this game sold like ice-cream on a hot day, was then it happened... “game a year”!

To be continued

APB shutdown

So anyway the “mmo” APB (All Point Bulletin) shut down after 7 weeks… making officially the shortest lived game ever, great Fury lasted longer! That says much doesn’t it!

The thing is APB was fun for the first 2 hours. After that it became a grind fest (and trust me I have played some grindy game *cough*RuneScape*cough*) however unlike RuneScape the game still isn’t fun at all! With little else to do to break things up. APB claimed to be a “cops n robbers” game… well it’s the most one sided cop’s n robber’s game I have ever seen. All the effort was put into the bad guys knowing that most people would want to play that, HOWEVER that is no reason not to put work into the cops as well. This is what I call the “WAR scenario” (WAR meaning “Warhammer Online: Age of Reckoning”)

For those of you who don’t know what I am talking about I will tell you… right now!

WAR has two fractions (which pissed me off since Dark Age of Camelot (there other game) had 3) Order (good guys) and Destruction (bad guys). Now it is clear this is ripping off Wow’s Alliance and Horde (stfu it is). So anyway unlike WoW all the (no I am NOT a WoW player) work was put into Destruction with great starting areas and more powerful. Normally in games I pick the good guy being the softy I am, however in WAR I found myself play Destruction more because it was less buggy and better gameplay. Which lead to a very once sided battle hence the term “WAR scenario” however most of the issues in WAR are fixed.

So anyway APB was very much in favour of the crimes. There was an AI cop system … however they sucked! While I am no policies newspaper editor I know that the game is less fun for all (expect the n00bs who like free points). The gameplay was really getting objectives, weather it be stay in an area for a time to capture it, kill someone, collect an item ect.

What I did like about the game was the team aspect. Being a lone wolf does not do very well, you can not go in all GTA style and live to tell the tale (granted you may not want to hear it). This game was about teamwork and I loved it! I brought me back to the days of Dark Age of Camelot, running up a hill in a group of 100+ to storm a castle with you team working together to get them and there team was working together to stop us. That was to me MMO at near its finest. After all it’s really the the whole online social thing witch makes MMO’s great! However MMO players today are well… not really team players and are mostly 12 year olds with $20 headsets yelling thinking there top shit. I might make a full article on that issue some other time.

ABP was not great, it wasn’t bad, it just wasn’t great. The game could of being something with more work and budget. We miss you for what you are… a mmo which wasn’t a WoW clone, which is always nice.

NOTE: EPIC games (the people behind the great Unreal and the shit GoW) may buy the game!

- Jack Pipsam

Friday, September 24, 2010

talking about Halo:Reach part1

what is not to love about Halo: Reach?
the campaign is the best yet, the online is fantastic, forge is great and all around FTW!

The story is the easiest to follow. you are Nobel 6 (this time you get to choice between male or female) you are a replacement of another Spartan was K.I.A.
Nobel Team goes out to hunt down some rebels, however you quickly find out its the *gasp* Covenant, ok by now its not a big surprise to any player. this is when they first hit Reach.
unless you are pants on head retarded you would know that Reach is a planet. so you go on your happy adventure. I won't go on to spoil to much, however lets just say stick around after the credits.

Like last time you can upload pictures and videos from theretre mode while you can upload maps from forge also once again you can download and recommender them.
unlike Halo 2 and 3 there ant a whole stack of playlists (Halo 3 playlists have being bought down a bit). however this is an issue, see I liked knowing what match I am going into but now you can vote your gametype of choice. funny how in the "welcome to the beta" video she said that this would bring less veto power.... IT JUST HAS MORE FUCKING VETO POWER!
I am SICK of getting into Team Sniper and Team SWAT matches. ALL I WANT IS TO PLAY SOME FUCKING SLAYER! but 96% of the time I end up somewhere else!

to be continued!

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

AoEO, CoD 3 and Vegas

my video for AoEO and CoD 3 is going up now and bad news.

I will NOT be getting sony Vegas at the moment.

Monday, August 2, 2010

TN2 can't wate

The Blox is make a new game. do you remember Tails Nightmare? well hes make a new one see the trailer for TN2 here

TN2 can't wate

Saturday, July 31, 2010

StarCraft 2!

OMG for the last week I have played so much starcraft it is INSANE

Thursday, July 8, 2010

Rant: newer mmo's

I am here to rant about newer MMORPG (note: I am talking about mmoRPGs not MMOfps ect) ok here we go. I am having a harder time having fun in newer MMO’s theses days, some may say that I play too many and hence I am sick of them (they may be right) but I think that it is because of newer MMO’s are just becoming to much of the same. In November 2004 when EverQuest 2 and World of Warcraft (aka WoW) came out they perfected the EverQuest 1 model (yes that’s right even throw most new games are called “wow clones” wow didn’t make that model they just made the EQ1 model easier for noobs)

so anyway after the over the top succuss of WoW other games started to copy it (hence wow clone) so now 98% of newer mmos are based of the EQ model. While it is a good system it is being to get a bit boring to play and that’s part of the reason newer mmos unforantry go that good (granted they add there own little spins). This could be a reason why I like DDO so much, its orinal. If this genre is going anywhere in the future developers will need to start making new systems or try other systems e.g. Runescapes or Asheron’s Call’s system. Also newer MMO’s are all too easy (granted I have played a lot of them so I really know how to play them) so I get bored really easy and most of the time can’t be assed grinding to the highest lvl.

Developers of games out now that aren’t so good e.g. Vanguard: Saga of Heroes or Aion: Tower of Enteraty. All there Devs are doing is little things and merging servers. While that will make players happier (most of the times) really its just cutting costs and not fixing the problem. A new trend the MMO market is the “free to play” revolution (in western AAA games) this started with DDO from Turbine (who are geniuses) and they knew that DDO was falling so they tried the free to play model (witch works well) now they are right up there with high games. More and more Devs are doing this or versions of it e.g. unlimited trials. This is a tactic that works. Many players will go to AAA games if they are free (for however much content there is) I think that most Devs should go f2p get funds from that and work to make there games better.

IPs many games are going for IPs now to get more people e.g. Lord of the Rings Online, Star Trek Online, Star Wars: The Old Republic ect.while Lotro is good and STO is allright and everybody thinks that SWToR is going to be fucking allsome (I will be so pissed if its just going to be like other mmos) I think that Devs get an IP e.g. Harry Potter and make a system around the IP that is a great way to find new systems I think that’s that happened with DDO.

Anyway I am going to wrap this up now. I just hope that Devs will stop copying WoW its just a “my first MMO” and most gamers are sick of it.

Thanks for watching!

edit: I mean reading... its late ok!

however watch the rant at

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

New Series - AoJ

Do you remember "The Adventures of Jecar: Ice Games"? well I was meaning to do more with it but it got no were. however I am trying again insted of THE Adventures of Jecar I am changeing it to just Adventures of Jecar or AoJ for short. time will tell if it gets anywere. I had a cold so recorded sounded bad and there was an ecco for some reason :( however now with Aduacity I can make voices for the series. thanks for reading

Saturday, February 27, 2010

new ddo vid up

i have a new DDO vid up on youtube now