Saturday, November 28, 2009

Daredevil movie review


As i was looking around jb-hi-fi (a Australian chain) i found the thing i went there to by the "sonic pc collection" as i wateed in line looking fourd to geting gome and kicking ass with Tails i saw something that catched my eye. "DAREDEVIL: definitive edtion" now i had heard of Daredevil but had never watched it before and myself haveing 2 titles in the "definitve edtion" series i desied i would by it myself. i watched it and hears my review.

Matthew Murdock son of Jack Murdock a boxer know as the devil (as part of the title) was destine to be someone smart like a doctor or something. One day after taking a shortcut home he comes across his father bashing someone horrified he fled the scene and ran across a fork lift that accertedly sprayed radioactive stuff in his eyes blinding him. So to make a long story short he now has radar-vision and can flip around like something from the Matrix. Like any Marvel movie he falls in love with a girl (Elektra and yes it’s the same girl as the spin off move of the same name) her farther gets killed and blames daredevil. She finds out the truth they fight the badguy (bullseye). THE END
Now I know I missed out on lots but bear with me here.




Marvel super hero from Stan lee

Same old thing as every other superhero

Lots of action

Some crapy CG

A girl who isn’t a dansile in descess

WTF is with the costume

Good actors

Seems low budget

Good music

Only 99 mins


It’s a good movie worth a watch 7/10

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